I'm Jacob Estep

(any pronouns are fine)

Who am I?

I'm a queer, autistic, Appalachian now living in the Seattle area. That's a complicated intersection to be in, but it instilled in me a few important traits: attention to detail, clear communication, and a passion for accessibility across intersections.

Until grad school, I lived my whole life in rural West Virginia, far outside of the urban tech bubble. Both professionally and personally, I helped people understand the tech in their lives where assumed infrastructure was nonexistent, pushing intended use well beyond its limits. I carry with me a passion for bringing technology out of wealthy metropolitan exclusivity.

Throughout high school and my CS undergrad, I've spent my free time designing concept tech brands and product families. I also took numerous gender studies classes, just shy of earning a minor. I hope to explore tech's social impact, ensuring what we create for tomorrow stands in stark contrast with the injustices of yesterday and today.