What is Spotify Wear?
Spotify wear is a concept Spotify branded smartwatch running Google's WearOS. I designed this in early 2020 and published it on my Behance on April 10th, 2020.
Wearables have long promised to make core smart features accessible anywhere, without digging out a distracting phone and rummaging through apps. This has not been fully realized. A simple problem, finding and playing audio content, is made difficult by poor wearable app implementation and lack of integration into smartwatch hardware. Spotify's WearOS app is slow and requires a phone connection. It also is quite limited in features, isn't designed well, and lacks integration with OS features.
For years now, Spotify has been rumored to get into hardware with a car-focused device. Why not wearables? WearOS has a few platform features that could be useful: tiles, complications, and universal media controls. Why not use these, along with an app update, to create an iPod for the streaming age? Using WearOS' s pre-existing features and app support would make it so much easier to break into this market.

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